About the Author

Lachesha W.B.

If you can dream it, you can create it.

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I am a mother and wife that loves to look on the other side of life. I write about my dreams, breaking writing rules that others hold high in the writing world, which most writer and readers despise.  I am not a professional writer, I just enjoy doing it. My unique individuality shines through the awkwardness of my writing style. Sometimes it's incredible and at other times it's not, either way its mine, and more often than not, I am exceptionally pleased with my work.

 I love to discover excellence that most overlook, beauty in what others find hideous, and discover peace when life is wild. I accept fiction as shrouded truth that enhances the creative ability. 

This imperfect world has no place for perfection. My books are just as perfectly imperfect as I am. Every piece of work is unique. As an artist’s my art is perfectly flawed. So, hate my work or love my work,
eitherway it’s okay. I’d still like to thank you for your time and I hope that you will join me on my next adventure through my dream world.

Why fit in when I can stand out?

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